SEO (search engine optimization) has already come far from the shady marketing tactic that it once was. Before, SEO comprised of practices like keyword stuffing and link spamming just to rank on the first page of search engines. Because of that, it had a bad reputation among users who needed quality information right away.

Fortunately, search engines developed in a manner that eventually outgrew these practices. Listed below are the significant changes that SEO has gone through to become what it is today:

1. Shifting to Quality Content

Youâve probably already heard more done a dozen times about how âcontent is kingâ. Over the years, Google has constantly refined its idea of âquality contentâ. However, it was 2011âs Panda update that finally killed off keyword stuffing and spammy pages for good.

2. Eliminating Spam Links

Spammy link-building practices had been the norm for many businesses during the first few years of SEOâs existence. Thanks to 2012âs Penguin update, only those posts with natural and high-quality links are allowed to rank on search engines.

3. Redesigning Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)

If someone asks you what Googleâs SERPs looked like 10 and 15 years ago, you probably couldnât immediately tell the difference right off your memory. However, if you look for screenshots, youâd notice how SERPsâ layouts have changed over the years.

Some changes are dramatic, while others are seemingly insignificant. In any case, those changes were primarily driven by navigation concerns in relation to information needs.

4. Moving Away from Keywords

Although the Panda and the Penguin updates made keyword stuffing extinct, it was 2013âs Hummingbird update that moved SEO further away from keyword optimization. Nowadyas, Google will attempt to understand the semantic or the meaning of your search, rather than simply matching keywords with existing pages.

5. Optimizing Websites for Mobile Usage

In 2015, mobile searches have officially overtaken desktop searches on Google. Now, not only is mobile optimization recommended, but it is also required if you wish to thrive in this eraâs highly competitive digital environment.

SEO Has Changed a Lot for the Better â And Will Continue to Do So

Indeed, the internet usersâ need for quality content has dramatically shifted how SEO is done. Businesses have eventually learned how to shuffle their priorities and put it rightfully where it belongs â great information that truly serves their target market.

Now that SEO development is on the right path, itâs probably safe to expect only the best things moving forward.

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