If you’re shopping for a new home security system including surveillance cameras, searching for the best options can be difficult. For that reason, we have done the legwork so you can make sure you’re choosing the ultimate home security system that matches your specific residential safety needs.

Check out our top 3 surveillance systems to match your unique requirements, budget, and area of coverage:

1. SimpliSafe

Overall, this is an ideal option for all home security system needs. It offers affordable monthly fee and base price without plan lock. In case you decide to do it yourself, this system is also perfect for handy DIYers. You can simply make your purchase over the phone and save from professional installation with SimpliSafe.

2. Vivint Smart Home

When it comes to professional installation and home automation, the Vivint Smart Home security system is an excellent option. There’s no plan lock so you can decide whether or not to continue the plan in case it’s not what you exactly need. It’s a full-service surveillance system that offers automation solution for private homes and residential buildings.

3. ADT Security

If you don’t mind a 36-month plan lock, you can choose the ADT Security as your home security system. The base price is cost bundled and comes with a contract. It’s one of the most affordable pro-installed home surveillance systems available today. Other features of ADT Security include security assessment, onsite usage instructions, and compatibility with more complex installation.

From basic motion detectors and contact sensors, security products offered in the market today have grown into more complex systems, especially alarm products and home automation systems. They can now control ceiling fans, sound systems, window blinds, and even lawn irrigation.

Extra Features to Benefit From

When you choose a smart home system to protect your family, you can monitor, activate, and program any devices remotely. For instance, you can use the Vivint Smart Home to program smart light bulbs using your smartphone. It also allows you to keep the lights on when you come home.

Besides, you can also use smart door locks with your home security system by programming them so they automatically lock whenever you leave your home.

Another amazing feature of home security systems is that tech companies can provide you with personal assistants for voice-controlled smart home devices.

So, which one of the top 3 home security systems are you planning to buy for your residential surveillance needs?

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