Digital marketing is a very common term used in the business world. Digital marketing is all about promoting your products and services in front of the audience, through different electronic medium. As we know that the use of computer desktop, smart phones and all other electronic devices is increasing day by day. Thats why digital marketing has become a main source of advertising and marketing.

Now lets talk about the strategies used for digital marketing. Here are a few important ones.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Talking about digital marketing and not including search engine optimization (SEO) in it is quite impossible article source. Search Engine optimization has a great role in marketing. Its all about the tactics of ranking high on search results and attracting mass traffic towards your website. Its not only good at gaining the traffic but it is also helps to gain the relevant traffic according to your industry. It helps build your companys reputation and helps in business growth. It attracts relevant and organic traffic towards your websites according to your specific keywords. It also helps build your reputation and authority over your competitors.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Today, to reach the public all you need is a social media account. The technique of social media marketing for seo helps in reaching a wide audience. It is one of the best ways of attracting traffic. Social media marketing (SMM) can undoubtedly help in creating a strong bond with the customers by approaching them for their queries and staying in contact with your target audience. With a few shares and hash tags, a small thing can become a trend and spread across the globe. So its an excellent way to reach worldwide audience.

Using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitters and others, you can give updates of your products, news and policies relating to your industry and replying to your customers on social media is an excellent mean to attract new customers and build loyalty. You can hire a specialist to maintain your companys social media account for regular updates and spontaneous replies.

Search Engine Marketing(SEM)

You can place your ads on Search engines for a particular keyword for seo. Whenever someone searches that keyword through search engine your ad will pop up at the top. Search engine marketing is an opportunity for many businesses to approach the audience through paid ads. It is basically about getting more traffic and attracting audience towards your pages and gives an opportunity to convert them into potential customers. It is an easy way of coming in front of your audience when they are willing to search for a particular product or service.

Marketing through Email

Email marketing for seo has been one of the most effective and successful strategy of marketing your products and services. Connecting with customers through inbox messages is a smart way of building relation. Sending email regarding new products, discount offers, thank you notes, etc. on regular basis helps in developing loyalty and trust of your customers. You can start your email newsletter campaign on a regular basis to keep engaging with your target audience.

Content Marketing

Content marketing for seo is about creating and promoting free content through different posts, videos, images, etc. to an online audience; which in turn helps in creating potential customers and leads. It is a fairly new form in terms of marketing. It focuses more towards the awareness, credibility and loyalty of your brand, rather than direct sales. It is an excellent way to building your reputation and trust towards the audience.

Marketing through Smart Phones

Smart phones are one of the most used electronic devices today. So sending text messages, through the help of SMS is another way of promoting your products. You can send updates and information regarding your products instantly to your existing and new customers.

Smart phones are with us all the time and almost everywhere. So making a free app is also a great marketing strategy for smart phones. This keeps them updated on your products and services on regular basis.

Online Advertisement and Banners

Dont tell me you never visited a website having advertisement and banners of other websites. Since the early ages of internet, advertising on websites is a common form of marketing strategy. Putting ads and banners on websites with high volume of traffic can be a good source of attracting users towards your pages.

Online services such as Google Adsense, helps to place your ads and banners automatically to other relevant websites according to audience, location, etc.

Influencer Marketing

Another form of seo marketing popular these days is influence/influencer marketing. It is done by reaching to famous personalities with a lot of following to endorse your products online. They have access to a large number of audiences. So through these personalities you can promote your product to a larger audience.

For Example: If you are a t-shirt manufacturer, you can ask a famous basketball player or soccer player to wear it and share a picture online to his followers on social media.

Adding up a Live Chat feature on your website

Providing live chat services on websites has been around for a while now and it is considered to be an effective form of digital marketing strategy. Imagine a customer coming to a website and is confused or unable to decide if he wants to buy a product or not, so he leaves the website. A live chat representative could have helped him assist with any extra information and could have convinced him to buy that product.

It is an important feature to have it on websites and is an effective marketing strategy to secure potential customers.


As I am sure you know there are many more types of digital marketing strategies out there, but we will finish our list here. It is not necessary that you require all form of digital marketing to start your marketing campaign with, but you must know what is effective for your type of industry. You can start your digital marketing strategy with a blend of two or more mediums according to your budget and needs.

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