SEO experts need many tools to perform different tasks, like look for keywords, analyze the performance of their website and get statistics the number of visitors to a website. For this, they need tools, but the good thing is that they dont have to pay for every tool, as there are many free or cheap tools available online.

Google Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner is a free tool provided by Google, through which SEO experts can research keywords, and add them to their marketing campaign Google Ads Help. If there is already a marketing campaign, then Boston SEO experts can use the Google Keyword Planner to find out additional keywords. The benefit of using this tool is that SEO experts can get the history of each keyword, how much traffic a keyword received, and whether it is relevant to their business or not.

Google Analytics

This tool helps SEO experts analyze their website, by seeing its data Oberlo. The reason why this tool is important, is because it helps a brand know its audience better, so it is able to customize content accordingly. This tool also helps SEO experts understand how users are engaging with the content on a website and app, which content has more views, than the others.

Google Search Console

This tool is very helpful for SEO experts, as it tells them about the indexing status of their website, so that they can optimize its visibility link text. With the help of this tool, SEO experts can:

Submit their site map, and check it for errors

Check the crawl rate on their website

Check the pages that have been blocked by robots.txt

Make a list of the internal and external pages of a website

See the keywords that work the most and have made the website visible

If Google imposes any penalties, then this tool will send notification to the webmaster

Answer The Public

This tool tells a brand the questions that people are asking Buffer. If SEO copywriters know the questions that are of most interest for the users, then they would write answers to those questions, which will make their website more visible. There are tools that SEO copywriters can use for this purpose, like Soovle and

The benefit of using this tool is that it will provide SEO copywriters with keywords as well.

Page Speed Insights

If the loading speed of a page is poor, then the user experience wont be good. Nowadays, if websites dont load on smart phones at the same speed they load on the desktop, then a brand would risk disappointing its consumers. This is why, every SEO expert should check the page loading speed of their website; this tool is provided free, by Google, and all the expert has to do, is enter the URL of the website. If they dont want to use Google, then they can also try Pingdom and WebPageTest.

Backlink Checker

With the help of this tool, an SEO expert can check the back links and referring domains of any website Backlinko. An SEO expert would be able to know about the websites which are linked to the brands website. Backlink checker also tells the user about the content that is doing very well. This way, the brand can also analyze the back links of the competitors, to see where they are doing well, and if there are any link opportunities they can grab.

Web Page Analyzer

This tool is used for comprehensively analyzing a page. This tool helps an SEO expert uncover things like missing alt tags on images, errors in heading structure and presence of page bloat. Experts can use SEO analyzer as a free tool, or HubSpot Website Grader. The SEO analyzer tool will give them an overall score of their website or webpage, and it will have comments to further assist the SEO expert.


The Majestic tool is an SEO marketing tool, which helps an SEO expert by letting them see the ranking of a website and whether their website made the cut or not. If their website is not in the top million websites, then they need to do something about it. There is another feature of this tool, called the Site Explorer, which can be used to examine the online store and back links that a website has.

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