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YTD Video Downloader Review


Some people that want a free YouTube downloader, find it only in a few cases. Although several YouTube video downloaders or converters say that they are free to download, your ultimate experience with these free YouTube download programs will let you down, for various problems like bad quality of the video or slow download. And that is not all; some downloaders don’t complete the entire download, only fractions.

ytd video downloader

It’s a very hard process to get the greatest free Youtube downloader. But you shouldn’t panic. In this free Youtube downloader critique, I’ll inform you on how to locate the very best free YouTube movie downloader and converter with regards to YouTube installing speed, movie quality, features, and simplicity. So long as you retain the four basic factors in your mind, you will undoubtedly have the greatest free YouTube downloader with no trouble.

For a merely free Youtube downloader, as its name suggests, providing of installing video from YouTube for free to Windows or Mac with the standard characteristic is fairly enough. However, for the most sought-after and top free YouTube movie downloading system, merely our fastidious users’ hunger quite fills. The top free YouTube downloader shall not only function the capacity to freely download YouTube videos for your drive but also include both an integrated browser and video sniffer that automatically detects the YouTube movie exposed in scan and lines them up to be downloaded. It supports batch downloading and transformation, and a whole lot more. Additionally one of the most required-free YouTube downloader shall be also mailed with the proper capabilities encouraging installing YouTube videos for free and switching, iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc in your intended products for later improvisational entertainment even you’re away from an internet connection.

Quality will be the vital element that shall never be forgotten; in rating the very best free YouTube movie downloader, often used on Windows or Mac. Nowadays many YouTube movie downloading programs are unversed at movie quality, causing a minor blurring or discoloration that develops within the YouTube downloading and changing process. As being a matter of fact, to become the top rated YouTube video downloader program, it should finish getting the YouTube video without limiting the movie and sound-quality while preserving the image quality sharp and clean.

We shall also give priority to the YouTube downloading speed when you pick the leading free YouTube video downloader for Mac or Windows. Supposing you have a Mac computer and are determined to get the YouTube video downloaded on Mac hard disk drive for address to be given 1-hour later. You got things done, looking the procedure as quickly as possible and had a free YouTube downloader for Mac. When experiencing the YouTube downloader that gets every one of the jobs along in a rocketed speed, can you still say no?

Assassin’s Creed Rogue Review

Assassin’s Creed Rogue

Assassin’s Creed Rogue was released in mid-November in 2014 and is a game from the popular game franchise Assassin’s Creed. It was developed Ubisoft’s subsidiary, Ubisoft Sofia and was published by Ubisoft. It is a third person, open world, action-adventure video game with a historical character and is a sequel to Assassin’s Creed Black Flag. The game was originally released for PlayStation and Xbox in November 2014 and the Microsoft Windows version was released in March 2015.


The Modern Time storyline starts twelve months after the activities of Black-Flag, having an unnamed person personality that works for Abstergo Amusement. While examining the thoughts of Shay Patrick Cormac, a killer working throughout the French and Indian Warfare in the Northern Atlantic, they accidentally stumble upon a hidden memory document that corrupts the Abstergo machines. Using the building being put in lockdown, Melanie Lemay recruits the video game player to carry on discovering the thoughts of Cormac within an attempt to clear the servers.

Cormac is just a new sponsor towards the Assassins’ Brotherhood, operating under Achilles Davenport. Cormac grows an insubordinate ability that frustrates his teachers, although Achilles sees potential in him. The artifact, within the type of a container, has been taken in the Assassins adhering to a huge quake in Haiti. In Lisbon, a Bit Of Eden is found using the aid of Benjamin Franklin, and Cormac is assigned with locating it.

Cormac has started asking the Assassins’ reasons after viewing their refusal to interact using the Templars in conversation, and requires no pleasure from eliminating an already- Lawrence Washington, Templar leader. Their questions arrived at a mind in Lisbon, where an earthquake that kills the town is triggered by his try to get the Bit Of Eden. Observing that related activities happened in Haiti, Cormac is terrified to discover that the Assassins and also Achilles plan to follow the rest of the Bits Of Eden. Cormac takes a manuscript essential to translate the artifact and escapes as the Assassins chase him. Faced in the fringe of a ledge within the homestead, he chooses to commit suicide than to allow the Assassins reacquire it and hide the manuscript. An Assassin shoots him within the back just like he leaps; Shay involves think it had been his closest friend Liamis doing that.


A moving vessel rescues Cormac and takes him up to New York City. He employs the abilities he discovered from the Assassins to clean out the town gangs once he recovers. Their steps attract the interest of George Monro, the governor, who provides Cormac the opportunity to help restore the city. Delinquent to Monro, Cormac helps the British Military within their early stages of the campaign against the French, and finds that Achilles’ section is helping the war effort. Monro shows herself to have always been a Templar, and despite understanding of Cormac’s previous devotion, provides a place for him inside the Order. Munro is murdered shortly during an assault on the fort, although Cormac agrees to the suggestion.


Concerning the combat gameplay, an air rifle is included for the first time, allowing the player to quietly eliminate enemies at a great distance. The air gun can be loaded with many different various projectiles, including firecrackers. The game player can also operate a grenade launcher, and fires shrapnel grenades along with other forms of loads. Hand to hand fights have been slightly improved, now enemy punches can be countered with time, just like in the Batman: Arkham game franchise. Opponent Assassins element archetypes just like in the previous games, utilizing capabilities that have already been applied through the games; they are able to cover in shrubs, blend in with crowds, and execute air strikes against the player’s character. As of this game, the poison gas is able to be used as an environmental system, and Shay includes a mask that may reduce its effects.

Tasks and side-missions return, are practically based on those of the previous games. Showing Shay’s position as being a Templar, a brand new sub-mission is introduced, the Assassin Interception. These, copy the Assassination side missions in the past video games, in that Shay, after intercepting a messenger pigeon holding an assassination agreement, should stop a Templar agent of being assassinated by obtaining and eliminating other Assassins.

The game is one of the best Assassin Creed games and deserves all the credit it gets. Many popular critics gave it reviews with ratings higher than 80% of the maximum rating. It is definitely worth playing.


How to Get a Gem Box at the Centre of the Village?

When constructing a village in the Clash of Clans, you can notice that there is a white square at the base of any building, which is to be constructed and this white square denotes that nothing can grow or spawn between these areas. So here is the trick, start building all sorts of buildings or walls such that they are adjacent to each other, and when you have no corner untouched, extend this to the outer most part of your village in all directions. Have some space left in the middle, then you can notice that after sometime or when the level necessary for having a gem box reached, a gem box appears right in the middle of the village. Voila! Now setup a defence around it and protect it.

You can also transfer your gems from a previously constructed gem box elsewhere in your village by demolishing it with a villager. The collected gems will now be transferred to your new gem box or added automatically.

Free Elixir Glitch

This thing works for sure. When upgrading your laboratory and with few minutes remaining, start upgrading your units with all the elixir you have. Make sure it is not completed until your laboratory is finished upgrading. As soon as, your laboratory gets upgraded,sell all the units you have previously sent for upgrading. This will fetch you more elixir as their worth increases with the upgradation of the laboratory.


  • 40000 elixirs spent for upgrading 40 wall breakers.
  • Upgrading the lab will increase their level.
  • Once upgraded each wall breaker will be worth of 1500 elixirs.
  • Selling all 40 wall breakers will fetch you 60000 elixirs.

As a word of caution, keep in mind that there are lots of posts regarding free cheats and hacks for Clash of Clans on various Facebook pages and blogs that claim to have successfully implemented it, and a few supporting comments by various members. Most of them are fake,so try to avoid them as much as possible because,many of them end up asking your account and password before giving you access to those cheats. They are undoubtedly either a phishing page or website.

You need elixirs and gold to fund your upgrades, the only way of getting them is to use your gems or use resource collectors and raid other villages. It’s better to upgrade your resource collectors and for that, you need to construct defensive buildings. Town halls determine what buildings you have and which upgrades can be used. Losing it in the battle is the simplest way of losing a battle.

The worst strategy to come up with is, placing all the resource storage buildings together. One may think like ‘If I place all the buildings together and wrap them with my best defences, no one can attack it’. Well, what they don’t know is that once the players see this honey pot, they will attack from all the sides to get it.

Spending more gold and elixirs is a good way to cub losses. Spending gold and elixirs will leave you with fewer amounts of them. The less you have, the fewer enemies can steal and lesser attraction your village gets. After you have completed a raid, spend the loot gained on upgrading the troops or on creating new troops. There is always a certain satisfaction, in spending the stolen elixirs and gold way before the other person can take revenge.

The reason behind Clash of Clans being a runaway success and currently being at the top of the leader board is because, it doesn’t have any cheat codes, and the only way to rise up is to keep playing. Forever!